SCC WordPress Upload is an ASP.NET application for the Windows WordPress CMS enabling client-side file uploads together with descriptive metadata directly from one or more published web sites.
Easy to install and configure, the application adds a fast and reliable file transfer capability wherever there is a requirement for website users to submit their own content.
The SCC WordPress Upload application supports one or more upload destinations and target directories accessible to the WordPress server. Each upload destination references a configurable data entry form prompting the user to enter metadata describing the files being uploaded. Each upload form supports any number of data entry fields, pulldown lists, field validations etc.
XML "sidecar" files, containing all descriptive metadata entered into the upload form, are generated automatically for each transferred file and the resultant file pairs are written to the appropriate destination directory.

SCC WordPress Upload Features

  • Free of charge for sites with an active SCC contract.
  • Low monthly per-server cost for sites without an SCC contract.
  • Suitable for website developers looking to add client-side file transfer capability to published web pages or to create a dedicated file uploads website.
  • Easy to install and configure with fast and reliable file transfers.
  • A simple button entity added to the web page automatically enables upload functionality.
  • Allows any number of target destinations to be specified, each one with a configurable metadata entry form.