SCC Word Integration Module provides a Programmable Interface to Microsoft Word
The SCC MS Word Integration Module includes a comprehensive set of programming functions necessary to read, change, and update object attributes in the SCC MediaServer database.
The module provides a bridge between Microsoft Word and SCC MediaServer for use at sites where Microsoft Word is the preferred text editor, and furthermore where they would like to customize the MS Word interface with special layouts, menus, toolbars, dialogs, macros, and automation tasks.
Sophisticated customizations are possible with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the scripting language incorporated into Microsoft Word. As such the application designer is able to design an interface focused to the end user’s task, including designing layouts to display text data, creating custom menu items, special operation buttons on toolbars, dialogs prompting users for data entry and automatically analyzing edited data for errors or non-conformities before saving.
In addition, powerful tools incorporated into MS Word are available to the user, including the spelling and grammar checker and thesaurus.
Users of SCC's MediaGrid client application first search and locate the object that they wish to edit and then simply drag and drop the object onto the Microsoft Word icon within the MediaGrid drop palette. This triggers the SCC Word Integration Module interface to lock the object in SCC MediaServer, read its text, and display it for editing within the MS Word customized layout.
When editing is finished the user saves the document, at which time the SCC Word Integration Module stores the changes back to the object in the database.