SCC RSS/Twitter Reader Module inserts into SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management (DAM) System
Typically, RSS and Twitter feed data can only be accessed by manually navigating to each individual site using an RSS or Twitter enabled web browser or reader application.
The SCC MediaServer RSS/Twitter Reader Module allows RSS and Twitter content to be brought into the MediaServer repository by constantly monitoring and automatically retrieving and interpreting new content from any number of RSS and Twitter feeds, inserting it into one or more MediaServer libraries, and making it accessible to SCC clients via the same sophisticated search and retrieval techniques available for all other MediaServer content.
So now, along with all other stored multimedia content, RSS and Twitter data from multiple feeds will automatically appear on SCC MediaGrid and SCC web client screens as soon as the content becomes available.
SCC users are able search for all MediaServer content, whether RSS, Twitter or other, with a single search query and view all query matched results intermixed in a single window.
A simple click on the RSS or Twitter record from the SCC client application automatically launches the relevant web page from the target host web server that is referenced by that RSS or Twitter record.