The SCC Rest API is a RESTful HTTP 1.1 service exposing SCC MediaServer resources, enabling interaction with client technologies supporting the HTTP 1.1 protocol and bi-directional TCP/IP.
The SCC Rest API allows clients to request SCC MediaServer resources, such as Objects, Libraries, Authorized Leases, thumbnails, hi-res previews, stored hi-resolution documents, perform Lucene searches, and connected MediaFactories.
These resources are expressed as URI’s with a supported HTTP method (DELETE, GET, HEAD, POST, and PUT).
Clients choose the response data view of a resource by specifying an acceptable mime type. For non-binary response data (i.e. preview images and high resolution documents), the API supports both text/xml and application/json data models.
The REST API uses the host SCC MediaServer system concurrent user licensing when connecting and performing operations.