SCC MediaServer Express Edition Digital Asset Management DAM System a low-cost but high-end introduction to multimedia archive and workflow management.
Like its larger siblings, SCC MediaServer Express Edition includes the SCC MediaFactory workflow engine and supports the insertion of digital camera images, EPS vector graphics, PDF pages and text documents.
The system provides concurrent access for up to 5 power users, and 10 lightweight users via the SCC Web Client which supports all modern web browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge).
SCC MediaServer Express Edition software is tied to Microsoft's SQL Server Express Edition which is a free-to-use version of Microsoft's SQL Server software, which limits the maximum storage capacity of the Express system to around 400,000 assets (limit relates to the amount of metadata for each asset).
If at any time in the future a site wishes to expand their operations to a larger database capacity, they have the option of of licensing additional MediaServer Express Edition systems to run parallel to the first, or upgrading to an SCC MediaServer Enterprise or Cloud Edition system, the latter having effectively no database size restriction.

SCC MediaServer Express Edition Includes

  • SCC MediaServer 'Express Edition' Digital Asset Management DAM Software (comprises SCC schema, database objects and user management utilities)
  • SCC full-text search engine
  • SCC MediaFactory workflow engine
  • SCC Web browser client interface (supports all modern browsers)
  • 5 'power' user licenses (edit capable)
  • 10 'lightweight' user licenses (readonly)
  • RSS/Twitter Reader Module
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Metadata Module
  • AP Media Search Interface
  • Imagn Search Interface
  • Getty Images Search Interface

SCC MediaServer Express Edition Options

  • Express Edition Web Client Publishing & ServerOps Module