SCC MediaServer digital asset management and multimedia archiving systems have enabled our many customers to streamline and save costs by consolidating digital assets and media workflows into centralized, geographically located data centers.
Available in Cloud, Enterprise and Express Editions, SCC MediaServer provides a wide range of content planning and assignment workflow tools for asset management and digital media archiving.
The SCC MediaFactory workflow engine, included with the system, automatically monitors selected network directories, ftp servers, email accounts, RSS enabled websites, and even Twitter feeds, for incoming media which is then automatically ingested and indexed for searching within the MediaServer database.
User access to the SCC MediaServer system is enabled via SCC MediaGrid, a sophisticated full featured application for the Microsoft Windows platform, or via the SCC Web Client which supports all modern web browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge), or using custom applications built using SCC MediaServer's optional REST API developer interface.

SCC MediaServer Enterprise Edition Includes

  • SCC MediaServer 'Enterprise Edition' server software (comprises SCC schema, database objects and user management utilities)
  • SCC full-text search engine
  • SCC MediaFactory workflow engine
  • SCC Web browser client interface (supports all modern browsers)
  • SCC MediaGrid client
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Metadata Module
  • Getty Images Search Interface

SCC MediaServer Enterprise Edition Options

  • Power and Lightweight user licenses
  • Additional processor/core licenses
  • Budget/Assignments Workflow Module
  • Delivery/ServerOps Automation Module
  • Audio/Video Support Module with Brightcove (upload and download) Interface
  • Audio/Video Speech to Text Module
  • Calais Metadata Enrichment Module
  • Microsoft Word Integration Module
  • ObjectML/NewsML Integration Module
  • RSS/Twitter Reader Module
  • Replication (DR) Module
  • REST API Developer Module