SCC MediaFactory is a fully-automated multimedia workflow management engine, and a key component of SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management DAM System.
Operating as a Windows service with a separate Windows console for administration, MediaFactory provides sophisticated, high-performance multimedia file processing and distribution, a necessary part of any modern production and archive digital asset management workflow.
Network directories, ftp servers, email accounts, RSS enabled websites, and even Twitter feeds, can be automatically monitored for incoming multimedia content which is then optionally sorted, converted, and indexed for searching within an SCC MediaServer database. At the same time, SCC MediaFactory supports fully-automated delivery of multimedia files to network directories, ftp sites, email servers, complete with associated metadata, for use by downstream production and syndication systems.
SCC MediaFactory supports the creation of any number of channels from a wide variety of channel types, with each channel running separately in its own processing thread. The result is a high-performance, scalable and reliable system for sites needing to automatically manage incoming and outgoing multimedia files.

SCC MediaFactory Features

  • Operates either as a Windows service, with Administration console application, or as a self-contained application
  • Multi-threaded, multi-channel architecture
  • Ingestion of data from network folders, FTP directories, Email accounts, RSS and Twitter feeds
  • Sorting and distribution by embedded metadata or by filename
  • Multimedia file conversion with automated extraction and injection of embedded metadata
  • Automated delivery of multimedia files to network folders, Email accounts, FTP servers
  • ObjectML/NewsML data exchange
  • Supports latest metadata standards XMP, Dublin core, EXIF, IPTC
  • Support for most RAW digital camera formats, Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite formats
  • Integration with 3rd party web services, Brightcove video platform, Reuters Calais metadata enrichment and Amazon and Azure cloud storage services