SCC MediaFactory is a fully-automated multimedia workflow management engine, and a key component of SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management DAM System.
Operating server-side as a fully automated service with a separate console for administration, MediaFactory provides sophisticated, high-performance automations, necessary for modern digital asset management (DAM) workflows.
MediaFactory supports the creation of any number of channels from a wide variety of channel types, where each channel runs entirely in its own processing thread. The result is a high-performance, scalable and reliable automation system for sites needing to manage incoming and outgoing media content.
MediaFactory automations are assembled via an easy to use graphical user interface, with functionality visually accessible and enabled via simple point and click. No need for complex programming or scripting knowledge, or licensing of third party tools and APIs.
Any number of MediaFactory channels can be created, to monitor network directories, ftp servers, email accounts, RSS and Twitter feeds or Brightcove video portals for incoming media content which can be automatically transformed, enriched, ingested and indexed for searching within an SCC MediaServer DAM system. Outgoing media content can again be automatically transformed, resized, distributed, delivered to any number and type of target destinations such as CMS, marketing and content syndication systems.
Supports all commonly used image and graphic input file types including digital RAW camera formats, as well as most audio and video formats. Also includes a sophisticated image resizing facility and audio/video transcoding capability.
Supports extraction of industry standard embedded metadata such as Adobe XMP, Dublin Core, EXIF, IPTC/ANPA, EPS and PDF embedded text. Also supports intepretation and transformation of text from XML, SGML, IPTC, Json, CSV, Html, MSWord, and other structured or unstructured text formats.
MediaFactory AI tools provide enhanced visual search capability and asset utilization. AI tools include image text recognition (OCR), facial recognition, features recognition, dominant (foreground and background)colors identification, and flagging and filtering of objectional content.
MediaFactory AI tools also support speech to text extraction from audio and video inputs, generation of closed captions and transcriptions in one or more languages, metadata generation from video keyframes, plus transcoding of audio and video to one or more output formats.
Integrates with OpenCalais Intelligent tagging service for automated entity classification and categorization
Supports outgoing transfer of media content to any number of target network directories, ftp servers, email accounts, cloud storage repositories, Wordpress sites, Brightcove portals, YouTube accounts

SCC MediaFactory Features

  • Operates in service mode with Administration console graphical user interface
  • Multi-threaded, multi-channel architecture
  • Ingestion of data from network folders, FTP directories, Email accounts, RSS and Twitter feeds
  • Supports industry metadata standards XMP, Dublin Core, EXIF, IPTC/ANPA AWS and Azure cloud storage
  • AI metadata enrichment for enhanced visual search. AWS and Azure cloud storage
  • AV speech to text, closed captions generation, keyframe features analysis
  • Support for Adobe Creative Suite formats, RAW digital camera formats, Microsoft Office formats
  • Media transformation, resizing and injection of embedded metadata
  • Distribution and delivery based on embedded metadata or by filename
  • Automated delivery of transformed and transcoded media to network folders, Email accounts, FTP servers, AWS and Azure cloud storage
  • API Integrations with Brightcove video portal, OpenCalais Intelligent metadata service, WordPress and YouTube