SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management DAM Software | Continuity
SCC Cloud Continuity Service for Amazon Web Services (AWS), combines low-cost, scalable, geo-redundant cloud-based storage with a highly-available and reliable virtual server instance to create a disaster recovery (DR) site, alleviating the need for time-consuming on-premise system backups and providing 24x7x365 online access to a replicated SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management DAM System.
Existing on-premise SCC systems will immediately benefit from low-cost, highly redundant Amazon S3 cloud storage. Once enabled, high-resolution files will be moved automatically to Amazon geo-redundant S3 storage, eliminating local dependency on costly and error-prone on-premise magnetic storage systems.
Existing SCC database records, as well as new record inserts, modifications and deletions are replicated automatically to the Amazon AWS cloud-based Continuity Server instance.
During normal operation, the SCC Cloud Continuity Server is available 24 x 7 x 365 for read-only access to authorized system administrators.
In the event of an unexpected failure of the on-premise SCC system, the SCC Cloud Continuity Server can be switched into "primary" mode, enabling full read-write access to authorized users.
Existing SCC software modules licensed for the on-premise system are automatically enabled on the SCC Cloud Continuity Server.
The SCC Cloud Continuity Service provides a logical upgrade path for sites ultimately wishing to convert their on-premise SCC Enterprise Edition system to a managed Amazon AWS based SCC MediaServer Cloud Edition system, in which case no server and storage components remain on-premise.

SCC Cloud Continuity Service Features

  • Low-cost, scalable, geo-redundant cloud-based storage
  • Highly-available and reliable virtual server server instance(s)
  • Alleviates the need for on-premise data backups
  • 24 x 7 x 365 online access to transferred data enables recovery and continuity in the event of failure of on-premise infrastructure
  • Data transfer is fully automatic and transparent to users of the on-premise SCC system
  • Operates in near real-time. No manual procedures to implement. No overnight or weekend tasks
  • The primary SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management DAM System remains on-premise
  • All existing SCC software and modules licensed for the on-premise SCC system are enabled for the Cloud Continuity Server
  • Provides a logical upgrade path for sites plannig to implement a managed SCC MediaServer Cloud Edition System

System Support

  • The SCC Cloud Continuity Service Infrastructure is fully maintained by SCC technical support
  • The service provides 24 x 7 x 365 read-only access to the SCC Cloud Continuity Server for authorized system administrators (subject to Amazon AWS availability)


  • Customer is required to open an Amazon AWS Account and provide connection details to SCC Technical Support
  • Costs for the Amazon AWS Infrastructure (virtual server instance, EBS/S3 storage) are the direct responsibility of the customer
  • SCC Cloud Continuity Service charges are for SCC software and support services only