SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management DAM Software | Open Calais
SCC Open Calais Integration Module directly interfaces SCC digital asset management (DAM) systems to the Refinitiv Open Calais Intelligent AI Tagging Service to automatically generate rich semantic metadata for SCC stored content.
The module supports the creation of any number of SCC MediaFactory Calais channels, each configured to monitor one or more SCC MediaServer libraries for newly arriving content, for existing stored content, or for content marked for delivery to one or more target destinations.
As with other SCC MediaFactory channel types, constraints can be applied within the Calais channel to ensure that only those records matching certain criteria are processed.
SCC Calais channel configuration allows the selection of a set of fields from each library, on which to perform analysis. e.g. Headline, Body Text, Caption, but not Byline, Publication, Section etc.
The Refinitiv Open Calais Intelligent Tagging Service uses natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and other techniques, to analyze each record and extract the facts and events within. Calais processing times are typically 1-2 seconds per record (depending on network performance).
Enriched metadata tags returned from the service are used to update one or more target fields within the processed SCC database record, greatly enhancing search capability and and the quality of content delivery.
At any time in the future, SCC stored data already processed by Open Calais can be very easily reprocessed in order to take advantage of enhancements to the Refinitiv Open Calais Intelligent Tagging Service.
The SCC Calais Integration module also includes a viewer application which can be launched either from SCC MediaGrid or the SCC web client, in order to easily view the enriched data.