SCC Audio Video Support Module, Transcode, Archive into SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management (DAM) System
The SCC Audio Video Support Module enables automated transcoding of a wide range of audio and video formats prior to insertion into an SCC MediaServer system or during export to downstream content management/production systems.
The module incorporates three transcoding platforms: FFMPEG the industry standard open-source transcoding engine; Microsoft’s Expression Encoder engine; Amazon (AWS) cloud-based Elastic Transcoder Service, which together provide extensive support for incoming audio/video formats.
The module automatically transforms incoming audio/video files into rich media packages consisting of high definition previews, keyframes, one or more streaming proxies of varying sizes and resolution, together with the original high-definition audio/video file. Preview images are based on a choice of first frame, best frame, or a selection of frame mosaic patterns, for example 2x2, 3x3, 5x5.
When the SCC Budget Assignment module is enabled on the system, the inserted audio or video package is automatically linked to the relevant parent budget and assignment record at which point metadata from the parent record is automatically applied to the audio/video package allowing it to be easily searched and located. During export from the system either the existing preview or the resampled proxy can be selected, or the original high-resolution audio/video file itself transcoded again for subsequent delivery to downstream content management/production systems.
The module enables a full-featured HTML5 media player within SCC’s Web client application, which makes use of the latest instant-on video streaming technology to provide immediate playback from any selected point in an audio/video file. SCC's media player provides simple point and click frame navigation via the keyframes strip which appears beneath the main video/audio preview window.
Rich audio and video media packages inserted into the SCC MediaServer system are initially stored locally to on-premise storage devices, after which they are optionally migrated to Amazon S3 or Windows Azure cloud storage.

Brightcove Interface

The SCC Audio/Video support module includes the SCC MediaFactory Brightcove interface allowing automated archival of audio/video files originating from a customers Brightcove portal. Once enabled the Brightcove interface automatically downloads audio/video content meeting pre-configured criteria (age, matching metadata values etc.), processes each audio/video file into rich media packages for subsqequent insertion into the SCC MediaServer system.
SCC's Brightcove interface supports the retrieval of all metadata entered within into Brightcove portal allowing easy search and retrieval of each audio/video file within the SCC MediaServer system. The Brightcove interface also supports automatic linking and the inheritance of metadata from parent budget and assignment records into each inserted audio/video file (requires SCC Budget Assignment module).