SCC MediaServer AP Media Interface adds an intuitive search, browse, preview and delivery capability to the SCC MediaServer digital asset management DAM system for one stop access to multimedia content from the Associated Press, the definitive source for independent journalism from every corner of the globe.
Interaction with the Associated Press is performed server-side, entirely within the SCC digital asset management DAM system and provides secure login and safe encrypted storage of AP subscription credentials.
SCC AP Media interface provides a sophisticated search screen complete with text entry, pull-down lists and calendar date controls for each of the Associated Press search fields. The search screen also supports saved searches which are stored within the SCC database and shareable with other SCC Web client users.
Search results are returned in the same dynamic grid and multicolumn displays used for SCC stored assets, with metadata values displayed as tooltips whenever a user positions their mouse over an asset. Clicking an asset preview in the results page launches a details page, including next and previous image button navigation, complete with mid-sized preview and image metadata text associated with the currently displayed asset. The image preview provides a pan and zoom capability enabling detailed high-res previews to be examined at a larger scale.
Multimedia assets can be easily selected by clicking the checkbox beneath each asset, or by clicking the image cell and tapping the space bar. Selected assets can also be launched into an image compare facility allowing closeup comparison, or launched into a slideshow facility for a full-screen automated display of each asset. The slideshow facility makes use of the largest available preview for higher resolution display and also offers pan and zoom capability for examination at larger scale. Selected assets can also be printed using either the built-in contact sheet, 2x2 or large format layouts in either grid or multicolumn modes.
Selected assets can be easily downloaded either to a local directory, or to one or more pre-configured server-side directories, for use within downstream CMS systems and production workflows.

SCC AP Media Interface Features

  • Access to 60 million multimedia assets, including photos, graphics, stories, video and audio (subject to each sites AP subscription.)
  • Connects the SCC Web Client application to the Associated Press using a secure subscription credential.
  • Provides high performance search and display of AP multimedia content with saved search capability.
  • Incorporates sophisticated browsing of results, navigable details pages, compare, slideshow and print facilities.
  • Detail page previews, and compare and slideshow previews offer pan and zoom capability.
  • Simple to use interface is configurable for either client-side download or server-side delivery of high-resolution assets.