SCC AI Metadata module leverages artificial intelligence technologies to identify objects, people, text, scenes, and activities for digital images within an SCC MediaServer digital asset management DAM system.
The module also support tagging explicit and suggestive content allowing the filtering of images based on your business requirements. A list of labels is provided with confidence scores for each to enable fine-grained control over which images you want to allow.
Images stored within an SCC MediaServer DAM system (already existing or newly inserted), can be 'triggered', either manually or automatically based on matching criteria, and subsequently processed by the SCC AI Metadata module to make them searchable based on the objects and scenes that appear within them.
The module is easy to install, does not require advanced machine learning expertise, and unlike other AI technologies does not need to be trained in advance. Simply add the channel and begin using immediately.

SCC AI Metadata Module Features

  • Detect features, objects, scenes, and actions
  • Recognize people across a number of categories, such as politics, sports, business, entertainment, and media
  • Recognize text appearing in images and convert to machine-readable, searchable data
  • Analyze and enhance existing caption metadata
  • Examine and flag inappropriate or unsafe content